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Do your bit to improve health and care services by being a researcher.

by Healthwatch Sandwell

This role involves conducting field interviews and focus groups, data input, social media monitoring and analysis. There is an opportunity to get involved in research and support the many projects Healthwatch Sandwell undertakes. #LetsGoSandwell

Minimum age: 18+

phone 07885 214421

Admin Volunteer

by Jigsaw Events

Join us to help organise community activities and keep in touch with members and their carers.

Minimum age: 18+

phone 07543 194887

Support people with a learning disability to enjoy community social activities

by Jigsaw Events

Support people with a learning disability in a range of social opportunities that they choose and we co-ordinate. These include coach trips, cinema visits, a bingo and craft group, curry club and a walking group.

Minimum age: 18+

phone 07543 194887

Love where you live and adopt a street!

by Litter Watch

If you love where you live and would like to help keep it looking clean and tidy then this campaign is for you. We are encouraging residents of Sandwell to take pride in where they live and pledge to keep it litter free. We all need to do our bit for the environment and what a great place to start - your own street! The area you choose to litter pick can be as small or as large as you like. We will supply litter picking equipment, bags and other helpful stuff.

Minimum age: 16+

phone 01215576970

Could you make a difference to a child's life?

by Mentor Link

Mentor Link is recruiting Volunteer Mentors from the Sandwell area to provide one to one support to children and young people in schools. Mentor Link are keen to hear from people in business and the community, who would be interested in becoming a Volunteer Mentor to support a young person to achieve their full potential. The mentors are specially trained to listen to and support young people and aim to improve their self- esteem and engagement in learning. The charity has an excellent track record of success in achieving positive outcomes with children and young people. If you like a challenge and want to give something back, to help make a difference to the lives of vulnerable young people then we would like to hear from you. As one year 9 girl wrote to her mentor , “I am glad I met you as you have allowed me to be who I am today and without you who knows where I would be right now. Role description • Meet your mentee at school on a weekly basis, during term time only. • Provide a listening ear, support and encouragement to your mentee. • Ensure that you are both clear about the boundaries of the mentoring relationship and operate within those boundaries at all times. • Ensure that confidentiality is maintained, but that the limits of that confidentiality are understood • Take responsibility for developing the mentoring relationship, ensuring that mentoring goals remain the key focus of the mentoring sessions. • Seek out any additional information which you think your mentee would find helpful, eg. information on courses or careers. • Be vigilant about potential safeguarding issues and immediately refer any disclosures/concerns to the designated person at the school and your Mentor Link contact. • Communicate any other needs or concerns in a timely and professional manner. • Let the school and Mentor Link know if you cannot attend an appointment or if you foresee any reason why you will be unavailable for a period of time. • Attend compulsory Induction and Safeguarding Training within the allotted timescale (this will take place on a weekday between 9.30am and 3.45pm) and any other training offered as you feel meets your needs/interests. • Follow the Mentor Link policies and procedures when carrying out your role. • Ensure that there is a positive ending to the relationship, for the mentee and yourself.

Minimum age: 18+

phone 01299 822336

Be innovative and raise vital funds

by Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity (MAAC) operates and funds three air ambulances covering six Midlands counties including the West Midlands. Three rapid response vehicles are deployed when the helicopters are unable to fly, for example during bad weather.

Minimum age: 16+

phone 0800 8 402040

Could you support someone at the end of their life?

by Murray Hall Community Trust

Murray Hall delivers Bridges Support Service, which supports palliative care and End of Life patients and their carers. The organisation is looking to offer telephone befriending to its service users and /or their carers who may be in need of support. Telephone befriending can provide invaluable support to people who are at End of Life or are who are caring for a loved one at home. The volunteer role can be delivered over the phone at agreed times and is a much needed role.

Minimum age: 18+

phone 0121 612 2939

Help us to reach communities and businesses by raising awareness.

by Ovacome

Raising awareness of ovarian cancer can help women get an earlier diagnosis and better outcomes. Can you help us to raise awareness with local businesses and community groups?

Minimum age: 18+

phone 07586 899334

Lots of ways to help people speak up and be heard.


POhWER is one of the largest advocacy providers in the UK. Our clients include people from different cultures, people who have disabilities, sensory impairments, are unwell, or may not communicate verbally. As a volunteer you will: - enable people to make positive changes in their lives - meet new people and be part of a team - have the opportunity to join a local steering or involvement group in your area - share and develop you skills and learn new ones - make a difference! We have a number of volunteer opportunities: - Citizens advocacy volunteer - Peer advocacy volunteers - Self-advocacy volunteers - Shadow advocate volunteers - Volunteer office administrator - Community engagement volunteers - Fundraising volunteer

Minimum age: 18+

phone 0300 456 2370

Work alongside residents to enhance the neighbourhood and enjoy life there

by Riverside

Riverside is one of the leading registered providers of social housing in the UK, offering affordable housing and support to people of all ages and circumstances.

Minimum age: 18+

phone 07870 809387
map Hawthorn Fields Neighbourhood Office, St Vincent Crescent, West Bromwich, B70 0DZ

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